Stretching Class
Myofascial Stretching is a marvelous and often necessary adjunct to
Myofascial Release.  It is different than standard stretching because it is
sustained and progressive stretch in an appropriately supported
position.  For people with chronic pain, it is an essential step in self care.  
You do not need to be a slave to your pain!    

We will show you some stretches during your massage sessions, but if
you are having difficulty understanding how to do them, or want more
stretching than that, you are strongly encouraged to come to class.  In
class, you will be instructed for the duration of the stretch and given tips
to customize your stretches or your unique needs.

Classes are open to all current clients that have had a massage session
at least once in the prior two months.  We want you to buy the Myofascial
Stretching book and at least one yellow ball so you have them at home
for reference and use.  The studio has limited space and class is
restricted to 5 participants.  For that reason, call Marilyn 708-308-6027
for Thursday's class and Jaja 708-336-0399 for Saturday's class to make
a reservation.

Classes are:
Thursday Evening at 6:30 pm with Marilyn and
Saturday morning with Jaja at 9:00 am

45 minute classes cost only $5.  We want you to come and stretch!

Private One-on-One Sessions - Class times a problem for you?  Don't
like the class environment?  How about a private stretching session for
you or you and a friend?.  Let Jaja or Marilyn know in advance what you
like to work on and we will customize a stretching program for you.  You
will still need to purchase the book and ball(s) but it will be well worth it.  
Cost for a private or semi-private session is the same as a regular
massage session and can be split by two people.  You do not have to be
a massage customer to do private stretching sessions.

Some Myofascial Stretching techniques may not be appropriate
for people with the following conditions:
Acute Disc Problem
Acute Rheumatoid Arthritis
Advanced Diabetes
Healing Fracture
Joint Instability
Open Wound
Systemic or Localized Infection
Undergoing Anticoagulant Therapy


Contact your physician if you have any questions about starting
any new exercise program.
Connections Massage Therapy