About Our Businesses
I, Marilyn Shupe, was trained as a Certified Thai
Practitioner, and had a Thai bodywork practice for 5
years prior to starting this business. I went to Massage
School at the now closed, Wellness and Massage
Training Institute in Woodridge. I have taken and
continue to take, classes in Myofascial Release (MFR)
with John F. Barnes, PT.

I believe that ultimately, the person in pain is the only
person that can make it better. I am just here as an
instrument to assist that process. I highly encourage
clients to use stretching to further the process of pain
relief. Stretching is an integral part of my day. Intuition
is a big part of my success in the ability to "read" a
body and find restrictions. Sessions can be a
meditative experience for both my client and me.

My partner

I also work and share space with my business partner
and dear friend, Jarmila Svoboda. She manages her
own practice but we work together 2-on-one on some
clients. Jaja has had extensive training in Thai
Massage as well as MyoFascial Release. Her website is:

Thai Massage and MFR has been a blessing in both of
our lives. We are both highly intuitive and feel that
these talents bring a different dimension to our
sessions.  Both of us address pain relief as well as
restoring range of motion and function.

We look forward to sharing our unique intuitive styles
with you.
Connections Massage Therapy